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We are very excited to be resuming rehearsals but there is a new playing protocol which needs to be adhered to by all players. The following document has been prepared by the ACO committee based on best practice as advised by Making Music. We intend to provide a safe environment for players to enjoy rehearsals together for the first time in many months. 


The rules applicable for rehearsals of this kind are changing all the time so we will update this page as required.


We are currently holding full orchestra rehearsals weekly.  We would ask that if you feel unwell that you stay away from rehearsal and rest up!  You are welcome to wear a mask if you would feel more comfortable but it is not obligatory.


Please read the protocol below for more information.

Rehearsals take place at Wootey Junior School at 7.30pm. 


Better still, if you are new to ACO then please make visit our Contact Page and say hello.



Protocol Version 7.0
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